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Herbal Renaissance

Our Herbal Renaissance page is dedicated to herbal products reminiscent of days gone by.

 We offer a wide range of pure essential oils, essential oil blends, perfume oil blends, herbal dream pillows, pure potpourri, and delicate herbal teas.



Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends: All oil blends come in a 5 ml. amber bottle. 

* use in a burner made for essential oils or dilute with a carrier oil before applying topically

Inspire - $12.50

cedarwood, fir needle, rosewood, frankincense, lavender & clove


Tranquility - $11.00                        

Use for stress and anxiety relief

Lavender, Bergamot, Orange, and Bay



Energize - $11.00

An uplifting energizing blend of oils

Peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and grapefruit



Purify -$9.50

Purifies the air and deodorizes.

Lemongrass, rosemary, lavender & tea tree






Perfume Oil Blends: 

1/2 oz. amber bottle with dropper.  Perfume blends are diluted with

sweet almond oil.

Enchanted - $9.50



Lovelight- $9.50


Free Spirit - $9.50





Herbal Pillows and Such

Herbal Dream Pillow- $11.95

Made with certified organic herbs said to relax the mind and enhance & promote dreams.  Lavender, catnip, chamomile, hops, peppermint, rosemary, whole cloves and buckwheat hulls

Herbal Sleep Pillow - $11.95

Made with certified organic herbs said to promote a more restful sleep while clearing the mind and reducing stress

Lavender, rose petals and buds, chamomile, hops and buckwheat hulls.



Lavender Flaxseed Bag - $16.50

A generous sized bag filled with dried lavender and flaxseed.  Inner bag can be removed to be heated in microwave or cooled in the refridgerator.  Outer bag is machine washable.  Colors are neautral but may vary to what's in stock.




Herbal Tea Blends & Spices~  All certified organic, tea & spices come in a kraft tin tie bag. 

Tea has approx. 20 - 25 servings per bag.

Once Upon a Time Tea- $6.50

(20 - 25 serv)

Certified organic spearmint, elder berries, lemongrass, red rose buds and petals, linden leaf and flowers, chamomile, orange peel, lavender buds and red raspberry.


Magical Mint Tea - $6.50 (20 - 25 serv.)

Certified organic spearmint, lemongrass, orange peel, peppermint, rosehips, red raspberry, and cinnamon.



Heavenly Hibiscus Tea - $6.50

(20 -25 serv.)

Certified organic hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, lemongrass, lemon peel, lemon oil and lavender buds.


Dragon Well Green Tea - $7.99

(20 - 25 serv.)

One of the most popular teas


Cinnamon Sticks - 2 1/4 oz. approx. 13 sticks per bag  $2.95

Whole cinnamon sticks approx. 2 3/4 inches long



Rose Hips - 4 oz.   $4.95


Whole Dried Chamomile - 2 oz. $3.95


Organic Catnip Bag- $3.50

Our catnip comes packaged in a green drawstring burlap bag.




Pure Potpourri- Organic herbal mixes & blends.  Approx. 3 cups in a kraft tin tie bag.

(House blessing herbs come in a muslin bag.)

Lavender Rose -approx. 3 cups  $6.00

Rose buds, rosehips, lavender buds and whole bay leaves



Herbal Moon -approx. 3 cups  $6.00

Eucalyptus, lavender buds, rose buds, thyme, & rosemary



Cabin in the Woods - approx. 3 cups  $6.00

Orange peel, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, eucalyptus, wood chips.



House Blessing Herbal Pouch - $7.50

Cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lavender