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OCT 20TH & 21ST  10AM-4:30PM

We're a group of business owners from the north eastern end of Wayne and Cayuga Counties. We take pride in promoting each other and the community we live in. Our towns include Red Creek, Victory, and Sterling NY where we farm, grow, create, and source unique items to offer our customers. Our passion shows in our products, services, and enthusiasm as we strive to bring you the best of what we do. So we invite you to take a drive "Off the Beaten Path" and experience and support women owned farms and businesses in our quaint, rural area!

Click the address links below for google maps directions.

Wager's Country Apple:

7047 Main St, Red Creek, NY 13143

Nathali's Farm Market & Supply:

6944 Main St, Red Creek, NY 13143

1891 Wine Barn: (located at olfactory farm)
12973 Upton Rd, Red Creek, NY 13143

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